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Monster Racing League

Monster Racing League is a P2E (Play-to-Earn) multiplayer racing game that runs on the Polygon network.

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Monster Racing League NFT Game

Monster Racing League is a P2E (Play-to-Earn) multiplayer racing game that runs on the Polygon network. The game introduces a fun and new concept in the field of racing games, No Driving Mode. Players are not the ones controlling the steering wheel in this game, the player’s monster (In-game characters) will be the ones taking control of the car for the race. Players will only need to pay attention to using offensive and defensive abilities to gain an advantage and disrupt opponents in the race.

The characters in this Web 3 game are called Monsters, every Monster is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), it is the one that will be driving the cars in the race. Monsters have their unique abilities and stats; the special abilities of the Monster will depend on the Tribe it belongs to. There are four tribes in the game: Fire Tribe, Mountain Tribe, River Tribe, and Sky Tribe, each with its unique special abilities. Fire Tribe has access to Flamethrower, Asteroid Shower, Heat Shield, and Fire Boost. Mountain Tribe has the advantages of dirt tracks and mud obstacles. The River Tribe has the abilities like Tsunamis, Mist, and Ice Spike, and will perform better in watery areas. While the Sky Tribe will have the advantage in foggy and snowy areas.

Tracks in Monster Racing League are also NFTs, Track owners can earn through this asset in the form of rent. Only 20 Tracks are minted in the release of each container. Tracks are created in various locations, including Islands, Airports, and Forests.

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