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MOBOX (MBOX) is a gaming platform that is a mix of “DeFi” and “gaming”. Mobox lets you farm NFTs and yield the farm to sustain a play-to-earn ecosystem.

  • BSC
Price $0.25
Market Cap $52,446,804
Fully Diluted Market Cap $245,945,803
Volume(24h) 24,057,718
24h % Change -2.63
Circulating Supply 213,245,372.00 MBOX
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 369,987,868

What is MOBOX?

Mobox is a gateway for you to join the MOMOVerse. The MOMOVerse exists on Metaverse as a universe where developers, players, creators, and collectors can come together to enjoy. It is working towards cross-chain compatibility and exists on the Binance Smart Chain. The company is working on releasing its standalone NFT POS Blockchain known as MOBOX Chain. According to the official website, there are more than 3.2 million registered users.
MOBOX isn’t a single game. It is a complete hub. It focuses on providing something for NFT Creators, Game Developers and even stands a chance to create a completely decentralised autonomous guild. It has around three arcade mini-games and one NFT game available for players.
MOBOX is also investing with the companies in MetaFund. So, it is also working towards eco-friendly and many other sustainable social practices.

How to play

MOBOX has an interactive and cute map that you will see once you visit the website. It will show you different buildings on a map with names to click on. This includes the complete MOMO Universe. It has all the games, the DAO/Governance location, NFT/Marketplace and much more. Let’s break down how MOBOX works:

  • At a glance, MOBOX seems to be the standard NFT game that offers mining, breeding, and using crate boxes.
  • You work on acquiring MOMOs. MOMOs are the unique NFTs that MOBOX offers to the players. Each MOMO NFT is different and unique that you will own and can trade in the marketplace.
  • The entire universe uses MOBOX Coin. You can invest in it by using various prominent cryptocurrencies from multiple exchanges.
  • There are three different boxes that you can buy or unlock: Mystery Box, Chests, and MEC Boxes. Each one requires corresponding tokens or NFTs for you to open. For instance, MOBOX Chests need Keys. You can earn Keys almost as daily rewards for investing in MOBOX Tokens.

MOBOX offers you everything from investing in LPs to Mining for more tokens. You have a highly rewarding setup. You will earn and use MOBOX Tokens to play on other MOBOX-related games, buy and sell NFTs, and much more.

MOBOX tokens

The best part about MOBOX is the Fairplay it offers. There aren’t any profit-making pre-sales or reserved amounts in any way. MOBOX DAO tokens follow a fair launch system and are available for the players, developers, and creators to acquire with equal opportunities.
MOBOX Tokens get the world of MOBOX revolving. However, with the supporting wallet, you can conveniently cash them in different cryptocurrencies for liquidating funds. Overall, the MOXOB token is steady and has shown firm growth or minor falls.

Apart from MOBOX Tokens, players have the freedom to design and submit their NFTs to the MOBOX Universe. There are NFT creation tools and API development tools for people to become NFT creators or game developers. If they get accepted, the players will receive their fair share of the usage.

There are also MOMOs, the unique NFTs of MOBOX. You can buy them or acquire them through crates. Combining them is possible, and it is similar to breeding.

How to buy and sell MOBOX tokens?

MOBOX offers a MOBOX Wallet. It was developed by the team, and it is recommended by the MOMOUniverse. You can also use Binance Chain Wallet, MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Safepal.

You can also use OpenSea to search for and buy MOBOX-related NFTs, like M-Box. MOBOX is maintaining a wide range of compatibility for the players worldwide.

Join a guild

MOBOX offers players an opportunity to build a Decentralized Autonomous Guild. Therefore, people of various sectors, including investors on the blockchain, players, and developers, can come together. Even if you’re a collector, you can work with MOBOX. However, Balthazar brings you an even more expansive world and universe as a fast-growing NFT Platform.

You will become a Wizard (member) of Balthazar and unlock countless possibilities. From acquiring scholarships to providing them, you can become a part of Balthazar’s highly sustaining world of NFT and Blockchain games. It focuses on building the economy, so you know that you’re in for some gains.


When will MOBOX release?

Mobox already launched in April 2021 and has acquired world-class popularity by August 2021. Now it has a collection of three mini-games and one full-scale game. The objective of MOBOX is to become a top-class company in the blockchain world.

Is MOBOX similar to Sandbox?

MOBOX presents you with an opportunity to create games and NFTs. While it shares some elements with Sandbox, it is more immersive and available on various blockchains. Mobox doesn’t use pixelated approach but smooth graphics. However, you could compare it to Roblox and Sandbox due to being a hub for multiple people.

What is the value of the MOBOX token?

At the date of writing, the MOBOX Token standard at $2.36 and rising. There are almost 80 million MOBOX Tokens, with 8% in Circulation. 

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