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Metaverse Football League

Metaverse Football League is a web3 football management game.

Metaverse Football League NFT GAME

Metaverse Football League is a web3 football management game. The game allows players to manage their own football club to compete in leagues and tournaments. This is like owning yourself a Football team where you can also strike deals with your players and tools. The games’ assets will be Players and clubs that can be obtained through scheduled releases of specific batch of assets which then allow players to purchase packs of varying rarity that contain assets for a specified price.

In this game, players can either be a football agent, a club owner, a scout or a coach. They will then first need to own a team which they should scout players first for their attributes and skills, recruit and train to build the possible best team you will ever have. Players are NFTs they are all unique and has different levels of rarity. Manage your team and be a coach to find the best play style and tactics to defeat your opponents and win your games which you’ll be able to earn rewards through it or by selling your players or clubs. Clubs then are assets that fields different teams or negotiates with other users, clubs manage some tournaments and deals with players. Players will have the freedom to choose what they will do in the Metaverse Football League, ther are various options which will let players to utilize their assets.

With all the features available in this game, managing a team to leading a club feels like you are living your dreams in the Football League ecosystem. With the right choices and asset utilization players will be able to earn even more.

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