Latest Research Report: Can’t Stop the Guild of Guardians

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Metaverse exploration.

Balthazar is offering metaverse and game pre-launch screening and reviews through our esport gaming initiative.

What is the Balthazar exploration program?

Balthazar offers pre-screenings and reward systems for games participating in our esport initiative. Games are reviewed and played by our esport team led by NicoThePico and his team.

How it works

We explore your game

Balthazar has a professional eSports team run by Nico The Pico who will explore your game and test all areas of the game.

We produce a report

NicoThePico and his team has extensive experience in producing reports for some of the top games in the eSports community.

Get a Balthazar rating

Once we have produced a report, Balthazar will provide your game with a badge of honour that will be ranked accordingly.