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MetaStrike is a VR Role-play shooting Game based on blockchain.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $2,203,795
Volume(24h) 28,728
24h % Change -1.14
Circulating Supply 0.00 MTS
Max Supply 565,000,000
Total Supply 565,000,000

MetaStrike NFT GAME

MetaStrike is a VR Role-play shooting Game based on blockchain. It is an FPS multiplayer game where players can equip a variety of weaponry, level up to fulfill missions, and earn NFT and tokens with modern gameplay and a lot of effort put into the graphics and gameplay, this shooting game has many important and complex features. Metastrike is also structured as an open-ended digital battlefield so players can enjoy well. The game uses two tokens for governance and as in game tokens, this tokens are; $MTS and $MTT.

With Metastrike, you can battle allies and foes on a interesting selection of game styles and maps. To access further game types, players must first complete a training course when the game first launches. Upon finishing it, players will receive tokens or an NFT box as payment. The next step is for players to construct their characters. Each player is limited to 3 characters, and each character has an energy cost associated with it. To begin their trip, players will receive an NFT box to open and a common weapon or equipment. Players will have a daily chore to complete in order to receive their prize. There are various of game modes that you can play with on this game, first is the PVE which is also available in VR lets you fight against zombies along with your friends, players will need to survive multiple rounds and fight some bosses. The other game mode is PVP where players will fight against players according to their elo ranks, there are also other modes for this, like deathmatch, demolition mode, causal mode, sniper mode and etc. The game also has clan war or the guild more where you’ll be competing against other guilds through invading their territory. This game also holds live and online tournaments regularly.

Metastrike offers a new earning opportunities for players as this game has many paths for earning with its features. This is a new exciting game which will give a new style and experience for players that loves Role play shooting games or for players that love fighting a hordes of zombies and bosses.

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