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MetaDOS is a Web3 shooter game, inspired by Apex Legends and the movie In Time.

MetaDOS NFT Game

MetaDOS is a Web3 shooter game, inspired by Apex Legends and the movie In Time. MetaDOS created two game modes based on these franchises: Battle Royale and Time – A New Era of Epic Battles. The game can be played on various platforms, such as PC, Windows, MAC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the mobile version in IOS and Android. According to its Roadmap, in the first quarter of 2023 will be the release of MetaDOS on PC and an Alpha version for mobile devices. While in the second quarter is the release of the final version for the mobile and the launch of the video consoles, PlayStation and Xbox.

MetaDOS have currently introduced 10 in-game characters: namely Tether, Terra, Solana, Cardano, Space Karen, Ark, Dai, Avax, Stellar, and Tronc. Each and every character has their own passive and ultimate abilities. These in-game characters are divided into 4 classes: Offensive, Tank, Support, and Tech. The in-game characters are equipped with a unique backstory in their character description. The game also offers 4 varieties of weapons: Pistol (TAURUS JUDGE 513), Rifle (SCAR-H MK12), Shotgun (DP12), and SMG (KRISS VECTOR GEN II), players can mix and match components and attachments to these weapons to create a unique weapon suitable for their playstyle.

MetaDOS offers various NFTs in the forms of skins and land, these can be owned by players to make their character unique to others. Character skins are one of the most popular concepts for gamers, it brings unique aesthetics to the gameplay. MetaDOS is holding a special in-game event called Mythic Skin that allows players to obtain various unique skins by completing designated challenges.

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