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MetaCoaster is the first roller coaster blockchain game.

Price $0.08
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $15,621,647
Volume(24h) 137,700
24h % Change 9.40
Circulating Supply 0.00 LOOP
Max Supply 200,000,000
Total Supply 180,695,801

MetaCoaster NFT GAME

MetaCoaster is the first roller coaster blockchain game. It is a metaworld where you may also enjoy multiplayer mode, you just need to buy one plot of land, put you park and start earning just by playing against other park owners. The game uses BNB and CRYS tokens for its in game currency and for the purpose of purchasing lands and other NFTS.

In this game, the metaworld is an Octagon shaped where it consists of 132,205 plots of land and each land comprises of 9 tiles. Players will be using plot of lands to build your own amusement parks and earn. There are different types of game mode, The meta challenge – where players will be playing to stake a similar amount of tokens and play for a set of duration. Solo or Multiplayer where players will compete with each other. And lastly, Metapark mode, where players should progress from a very small park untl the largest one. There will be 3 different attractions in your park: majorly, the roller coaster, the rides and restaurants. There are also different levels to earn which scales from 1 until 5. Your earnings will be dependent on your customers satisfaction, its called attraction rarities where customers might rate your rides either classic, awesome, thrilling, epic or mythic. These properties of yours will be your NFT assets, players will make sure to utilize it in order to earn more from the game.

MetaCoaster brings a new exciting Amusement Park simulation game which will let you enjoy running your park while also earning. Players will seem to do their own park and running a business from it as they thrive. The game’s feature will let players experience the joy of Metacoaster while also earning from it.

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