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MetaClash : Digital Avatars Destruction is an unreal engine built blockchain game.

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Max Supply 100,000,000,000

MetaClash NFT GAME

MetaClash : Digital Avatars Destruction is an unreal engine built blockchain game. It is a free to play model, competitive player versus player vehicular combat game that caters both web2 and web3 gamers. Customization of players’ Digital avatars of Destruction from a variety of vehicle parts, equipping of unique skill abilities is also possible. The game uses its native $PCORE token for staking, governance and also for transactions in the marketplace.

This game is more into smooth gameplay with high quality graphics as well as the players creativity and detailed soundscaping. At the start, players will need to have and use starter kit vehicle parts or NFT parts they own. After acquiring and having more vehicle slots, players can use up to 3 of their own vehicles to enter into each match. Each player’s vehicles should have the Plasma Energy core as it is the most essential and in demand vehicle parts. There are also essential vehicle parts that are basically needed by each vehicle in order to function well in each game. Vehicle parts have 6 different rarities where the highest rarity bids the greatest attributes a weapon could have. The game has two available game modes: Team deathmatch and Escort the Cargo. In a team deathmatch players will need to kill players on the opposing team to gain points, the team with the highest point wins. In escort the cargo, players need to escort their cargo to the opponent’s base in order to win, players may play offensively or defensively based on the status of their cargo.

This game caters a new action packed and exciting game to those who love competitive PVP games. MetaClash provides a new and a very satisfying gaming experience with the games features. You can have your own strategic skills while also earning at the same time.

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