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MetaChess is the First Play to Earn and NFT metaverse 3D Chess Game.

  • BSC
Price $0.18
Market Cap $22,116,368
Fully Diluted Market Cap $54,967,443
Volume(24h) 1,503,566
24h % Change 1.40
Circulating Supply 120,706,186.00 CHESS
Max Supply 300,000,000
Total Supply 300,000,000

MetaChess/ Radical Cheess NFT Game

MetaChess is the First Play to Earn and NFT metaverse 3D Chess Game. The Game offers humanoid characters and Special game modes in 2D and 3D platforms. Owning NFTs—a novel method of digitizing chess pieces and collectibles—and using them in games is possible on the MetaChess platform. MetaChess, the first chess-specific metaverse platform, provides a fun approach to draw in users, earn money, and make use of new technology. The game uses $CHESS as its token and main currency in the marketplace and also for earnings.

In the game, the game utilizes traditional chess but in an innovative way. The game is allowed in 2 interfaces, the 2D interface where it will let you play a normal chess game in 2D. While the other 3D interface, where players will have human characters as players and display different battle modes. The game modes are Player versus AI and Tournament mode. In Player versus AI, Both 2D and 3D will have access to this feature. You’ll advance through this game mode and acquire new challenges and achievements. As you advance through the stages, you can earn CHESS tokens or NFT incentives. While in Tournament mode, where the admin will schedule weekly tournaments with prizes. Every user has the ability to design their own tournaments and ask other users to participate. A competition may be either public or private. It is a great method to put your abilities to the test and potentially gain rewards.

With this new game, you’ll be able to enjoy chess while earning. It is a real opportunity to those who loves board games like chess as you’ll be able to utilize well your skills just by playing and also at the same time earning yourself some real rewards.

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