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Meda Wars

Meda Wars is a turn-based play to earn, web3 game developed by Cryptomedia.

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Price $0.00
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Fully Diluted Market Cap $668,906
Volume(24h) 677
24h % Change 0.15
Circulating Supply 0.00 TECH
Max Supply 1,000,000,000

Meda Wars NFT Game

Meda Wars is a turn-based play to earn, web3 game developed by Cryptomedia. The game emerged from a notion that was influenced by many strategy games and combined all of those elements into one full game with the addition of NFTs.

Meda Wars takes place in a metaverse known as Cryptomeda. Gamers can use heroes and weapons from Cryptomeda NFT that have randomly generated qualities and powers, giving them a variety of tactical possibilities. Players of Meda Wars can actively participate in either of the game’s featured modes. PvE (Player vs Environment) known as conquer mode, players are tasked to battle dystopian opponents and capture their territories. Gamers can anticipate a variety of foes, putting the troops of the Renegade Nation, Goliath Nation, and Swarm Entity against one another. At later phases of Meda Wars, players can even construct structures using the resources they have earned for crafting NFT weapons, re-rolling skills, and weapon upgrades. Players will receive Meda Gas, an in-game currency utilized for numerous features within the game, particularly for weapon upgrades, ability re-rolls, or adding additional energy to conquer more territories, as a reward for completing objectives, receiving faction prizes, placing on leaderboards, or burning weapons. Moreover, Meda Gas can be purchased on the Cryptomeda website using TECH tokens. Players will allocate 95% of their expended TECH tokens to the Meda Wars reward system. The reward structure will become more lucrative as more players purchase Meda Gas.

Meda Wars is a game that aims to provide players an exciting strategic turn-based gameplay featuring a variety of cool, original NFT collectibles and unique storyline that gives players an adventurous and competitive playstyle that interests every avid tactician.

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