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Magic Craft

Magic Craft is an exciting Player-versus-Player MOBA blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain.

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Price $0.00
Market Cap $3,429,329
Fully Diluted Market Cap $11,059,188
Volume(24h) 336,896
24h % Change -0.42
Circulating Supply 3,100,886,652.13 MCRT
Total Supply 10,000,000,000

Magic Craft NFT GAME

Magic Craft is an exciting Player-versus-Player MOBA blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain. It is play to earn mobile game with mini quests and NFT characters in each game. The game is set in a battle arena where players are to pick their character and start the battle action. The game then uses $MCRT tokens as its native currency, that can be used to give advantage in upcoming battles or to be traded or exchanged in the marketplace.

In this game, The players are split into two opposing teams for each battle game, which lasts for five minutes. The players must fight to kill the opposition as many times as they can during these five minutes while also attempting to complete or win the mini-quest that is the goal of the room.A player must wait ten seconds after being killed in combat before they can respawn. After respawning, the player’s character is then transported back to the battle game’s beginning, where they must rejoin the battle from. Each player receives points for kills, assists and completion of the in-arena min-quests. The player with the most points on the winning team at the end of the game will be celebrated as the MVP or most valuable player, and win a prize in $MCRT.

This game will surely bring a new experience to players that loves earning while playing PVP and MOBA games. The Magicraft Ecosystem will bring a new experience to MOBA players as it will bring massive multiplayer metaverse experience that will satisfy every players in the game.

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