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Lord of Dragons

Lord of Dragons is a mobile 3D MMORPG that focuses on providing its users with a fun playing experience.

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Lord of Dragons NFT Game

Lord of Dragons is a mobile 3D MMORPG that focuses on providing its users with a fun playing experience. Lord of Dragons aims to be a P2E MMORPG where players can enjoy every aspect of the game while staying in the ecosystem for an extended period of time.

The game has a reward system in which players can earn LOGT and LORT. These tokens can be used to purchase in-game weapons, skins, revamp stones, and other items, some of which are issued as NFTs and can be traded among players.

The LOGT’s value will rise as more people join the game while remaining in the ecosystem. Players can earn LORT by completing 10 daily quests without purchasing additional NFTs. As players complete the main quests and level up their characters, the difficulty of these daily quests will increase. Players who have a particularly high rate of character growth or who appear at ranking are subjected to receiving LOGT, indicating that this group of players has extensive knowledge of the game while acquiring the governing power to participate in the decision-making process regarding the game’s future strategy.

There are several gameplay modes available in the game, including rewards and boss dungeons, daily repetitive quests, a chaos field, PVP, and PVE guild sieges. By participating in these modes, players can earn weapons, armor, gold, consumables, skill points, mastery points, rare accessories, and transformation cards. The game includes a multi-weapon system that enables players to play multiple classes with a single character and change their party composition in real-time. The boss raid can accommodate up to 17 players and provides raid-specific skills for each weapon. Furthermore, the transformation system allows players to transform into 72 different characters from three races and five rarities, each with unique statistics and weapon synergy effects.

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