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Legends Reborn

The Legends Reborn NFT card game was originally developed by Kung Fu Factory on the Gala Game ecosystem.

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Legends Reborn NFT Game

The Legends Reborn NFT card game was originally developed by Kung Fu Factory on the Gala Game ecosystem. Building card decks and battling other players are the game’s objectives. You can construct, reassemble, and modify decks using the cards and creatures in your collection to face any task. The ability to construct your ideal deck, which Legends Reborn excels at, is one feature that Crypto Crash Gaming (CCG) offers that keeps players coming again and again.

Gamers face off against their enemy in a deathmatch as they enter the arena with a team of creatures. There are only five creatures that each player can use during a game, but they all have unique skills. After being used on the board, an ability becomes a card that the player who owns it draws from their deck and plays as needed all through the match. Finding the correct balance between force from their enemy to have more cards to play and keeping the creatures they control. Only when a player’s own creatures are engaged in combat can they draw cards, and summoning an enemy creature will deplete that creature’s energy. Discovering the cards that work well together to form potent combinations can occasionally be challenging. Trying out new cards and powers can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Winning matches against human opponents is one of the game’s key features for gaining MMR (Matchmaking Rating). The game will attempt to pair you up with opponents who have similar MMR. In contrast, your MMR will drop if you lose games to players. The rarer creatures may hold more action cards, and players can buy additional action cards with the game currency they earn. In addition, players in Legends Reborn possess lands. This takes the shape of Venues, whose proprietors receive a share of the prizes produced by tournaments on their plots. There are currently no details regarding the developer plans for the tokenomics or game economy.

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