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Legends of Elysium

Legends of Elysium one of the breaking NFT card games with a unique deck and board.

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Legends of Elysium NFT Game

Legends of Elysium one of the breaking NFT card games with a unique deck and board. The game was based on a variety of elements, including the race and class of the hero you choose, this game can plan and modify its technique. The game includes strong cards that players can collect, alter, and switch to meet their desired gameplay. Blockchain technology and an immersive classic gameplay are combined in the game to provide users with powerful single-player and multiplayer modes.

Making your hero is one of the initial steps in Legends of Elysium, which can be in different species: Orc, Human, and Dark Elf. This can be non-fungible token assets and tradeable between players once they get to level 2. Units, spells, and goods are the three types into which cards are classified. For the player to utilize Units, they must be placed on the battleground. Moreover, Spells are used to injure foes and are cast onto them. While Items are the items the player may utilize to increase their strength and skills. Each card is also grouped by rarity, and it can be earned in a variety of ways, including by open standard or premium packs, gamers completing tasks, and participating in Adventure Mode. In Legends of Elysium, there are five distinct modes available: League, Tournament, Tournaments, Friendly duel, and Guild war. The conventional ranked League mode is the one that most card games have. By winning games and advancing through the league mode’s allotted levels, users can earn points. The larger your stake of the weekly prize pool, the higher your point ranking.

The LOE token serves as the cryptocurrency for The Legends of Elysium. By accomplishing achievements, daily tasks, participating in League mode, and winning Esports competitions, gamers can acquire the LOE token. For governance operations, mint new cards, stake or take NFT cards, players can spend LOE tokens to buy NFT items from the in-game marketplace.

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