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The Balthazar Launchpad

Enabling NFT games to connect with investors like never before

How does it work?

Crypto Launchpad.

The ultimate crypto launchpad is one of the most comprehensive systems for game developers to launch their nft games.

NFT Launchpad.

Balthazar’s nft launchpad provides a lot.

Innovative Technology.

Combined with Balthazar’s innovative technology, including its NFT Management System where NFT holders can earn yield by lending their NFTs to Balthazar’s Scholarship Program, and its world-first pNFT Marketplace, games will plug into Balthazar’s NFT gaming ecosystem and 40,000+ gaming community.


Balthazar’s research reports.

Balthazar’s Alpha Team produces in-depth research reports, led by its Chief Gaming Officer, Nicholas Korsgård. Each game report includes a research score that represents the quality of the game based on a certain criteria. This criteria will be available in the report.

The intention of the research reports is to present as much information as possible on each game so the reader can make an informed decision about whether they choose to play the games, buy their NFTs or tokens.

The reports cover the following areas:

  • The chain that the game is built on (Ethereum / Polygon / Binance Smart Chain / Tezos)
  • Game overview
  • Supporting videos
  • Game roadmap
  • Tokenomics
  • Team
  • Social and community links and information
  • White paper and roadmap

Initial Game Offering (IGO) and Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Balthazar assesses each game before it joins the nft Launchpad. The team will consider IGO swap details including how many whitelist spots are available to the public, the token that will be needed to swap for the game token, duration of the swap period for whitelisted users (such as 24 hours, 48 hours), duration of the swap period for the public duration, minimum or maximum amount that can be swapped and the vesting information (percentage received per month for number of months).

INO purchase details include whitelist conditions – the number of whitelist spots available to the public, NTFs that will be available including generic NFTs – supporting information such as the type of NFTs available, and loot boxes, which includes:

  • Supporting information such as the type of loot boxes available
  • Chances/probability of opening a common/legendary/mythic NFT
  • Where you can open the loot boxes upon purchase

Other considerations for INOs include:

  • Duration of the purchase period for whitelisted users
  • Duration of the purchase period for the public duration
  • Minimum or maximum no of NFTs/loot boxes that can be purchased


Balthazar will utilise user verification levels to be able to provide further information and opportunities on the Balthazar platform. Users will have the opportunity to participate in the community launchpad IGOs and INOs, however if users want to participate in the whitelisted opportunities then they will be required to have their identity verified (KYC).

User verification levels

Level Verification requirement Access to
Level 0 No verification required Browse the Balthazar website
Level 1 Connected wallet – Sign a transaction to verify wallet
– Community launchpad swaps and purchases
– Read upcoming research reports
– Lend assets
– Buy/list pNFTs on Balthazar Marketplace
– Stake tokens and upgrade tier
Level 2 Full name and email Applying for scholarships
Level 3 KYC and email verified – Allows Launchpad purchases
– Notifications of upcoming launches and research via email
– Access to games that are “Balthazar Score 10/10”
– Early access to reports

Current launchpad state and roadmap ahead

Currently the crypto launchpad offers Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) and Initial NFT Offerings (INOs)

As part of the launchpad roadmap Balthtazar will look to provide:

  • Early round investments to games (such as seed and private sales)
  • Direct FIAT purchases using debit/credit card for convenience.

Why use the Balthazar launchpad?

Content driven website traffic
Balthazar drives traffic to it’s platform through the following streams:

  1. Research reports
  2. Search engine organic ranking
  3. Community AMAs
  4. Public relations
  5. Streaming

Research reports

Balthazar’s research reports provide thought leadership and build a relationship with token holders and gamers. Balthazar has curated a large and loyal community through reports that aim to provide an unbiased view of NFT games and chains.

Search engine organic ranking

Balthazar gets a consistent flow of regular users through search engines such as Google.

NFT Management System

When games launch through the Balthazar platform, games are provided with immediate access to our community of NFT holders. Game developers will have immediate access to 40,000 gamers, and technology that allows NFT holders to earn yield as a lender through Balthazar’s NFT Management System.

NFT holders lend their NFTs to Balthazar, which are then deployed into its scholarship program. Balthazar’s Wizards use the NFT assets to play and earn in games. The rewards are shared between Balthazar, the gamers and the NFT holders.


NFT holders can mint their portfolio of NFTs with scholars still attached in Balthazar’s world-first pNFT Marketplace through an OpenSea integration. Balthazar has built a dashboard for transparency and visibility. And there will be an automated payments system for lenders to allow for a touchless experience.

NFT distribution: guild community

Balthtazar has a community of more than 40,000 gamers that are available for NFT token holders to deploy their NFTs and earn a yield through the Balthazar Scholarship Program. This is available at an institutional and retail level.

Staking BZR

Benefits of staking

  • Yield
  • Higher probability of getting whitelisted


KYC will be required for Level 3 user permissions.

How to participate in IGOs

How to access: go to bltzr.gg/launchpad

How to create a profile: Click “connect wallet”. The system will automatically detect your network and prompt you to switch to the relevant EVM network.

How to add additional wallets to your profile for other networks: e.g. Nami wallet – Cardano, Phantom wallet – Solana

How to get community allocation: When the community swap phase commences, users will be able to swap Source tokens for Destination tokens. (this token information will be provided before game launch.)

Before the public allocation, users must become whitelisted.

How to get whitelisted: Before the public allocation, users must become whitelisted.

When the community swap phase is complete, the whitelisted allocation commences, users will be able to swap Source tokens for Destination tokens within a time limit specified.