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Lamdamoon is an experimental high-end 3D NFT Game built on Unreal Engine 5.

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Lamdamoon NFT GAME

Lamdamoon is an experimental high-end 3D NFT Game built on Unreal Engine 5. The moon of Lamda, the third planet in the L.A.M.D.A. solar system, is called Lamdamoon. In the first mission, a small team of volunteers successfully enters the portal and exits. The portal transported them to a moon-like asteroid that was orbiting a planet that appeared to be home to life. The alliance names the planet Lonely Asteroid May Discover Anecdotes (L.A.M.D.A. ), and the asteroid that resembles a moon is called LAMDA Moon.The $LDM or Lamdamanium and the $LDDM or Lamda Dark Matter are the two tokens used in the game for its in game currency, and can also be used for trade and exchanges in the marketplace.

Players must first learn how to construct Lambase stations ( and other types of NFT ). NFT items must be combined correctly (by consulting the wiki), or else they will be wasted. For the NFT engineering of spaceships, Lambase is required. Players can interact with smart contracts through a web frontend, and NFT resource items and Lambase construction will be on-chain. Players must prepare their spacecraft before taking off for Lamda ( buy on market or build from scratch ). The number of games a player can play each day is represented by a spaceship in the game. There is also a PVE mode where you will fight against monster and the game will be in form of turn-based strategy. Hare, The player picks uninhabited land plots with no owner yet and engages in battle with the local monsters. A player gains ownership of a land plot as well as a small reward in LDM by defeating a monster and successfully clearing it. After that, owners can stake a mining machine NFT item to begin mining resources on their land plots. This is how most game LDM is obtained.

Lamdamoon game style will surely provide excitement to those who enjoy in exploring extra terrestrial entities, as in the game you will be defeating them while also earning.This will surely bring new experience to the Players.

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