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Knights & Peasants

Knights and Peasants is an NFT strategy game built on both Polygon and Harmony Blockchain.

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Price $0.01
Market Cap $44,109
Fully Diluted Market Cap $791,469
Volume(24h) 14,656
24h % Change 0.73
Circulating Supply 5,573,058.63 KNIGHT
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000

Knights and Peasants NFT Game

Knights and Peasants is an NFT strategy game built on both Polygon and Harmony Blockchain. The game features a medieval setting revolving around quests and earning rewards. Earning experience for the player’s Badge (ticket to do quests) by doing quests is the core concept of the game as well as finding rewards that the player can use or trade with others.

The game features three kinds of NTFs: Knight NFTs, Peasant NFTs, and Item NFTs. Knight NTFs are the core feature of Knights and Peasants, it allows players to do quests and earn rewards such as $MATIC, $ONE, and other NFTs. Knights have stat points that can be upgraded in order to gain the ability to take on more difficult quests, Knights and Peasants also allocate a portion of tokens spent on both Blockchain (Polygon and Harmony) to Knight Holders. Peasant NFTs have the supporting role, Peasants give Knights bonuses in attack or defense. Peasants can also be upgraded to increase their effectiveness, they are also used to earn tokens every single day, which can be used in buying in-game items. While Item NFTs are divided into three categories: Consumables, Equipment, and Materials. Consumables are items that will be burned upon usage, while Equipment will be not burned when used in quests, and Materials are used for crafting and building structures.

Knights and Peasants’ utility token is called $KNIGHT, with a total supply of 40,000,000. $KNIGHT Token will be distributed to Knight NFT Holders, as mentioned earlier. 80% will be the total portion given to Knight NFT Holders.

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