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Knights Of Cathena

Knights of Cathena is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) turned-based game that utilizes MultiversX Blockchain.

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Price $63.39
Market Cap $8,937,646
Fully Diluted Market Cap $8,937,646
Volume(24h) 308,579
24h % Change -0.22
Circulating Supply 141,000.00 CGO
Total Supply 141,000

Knights of Cathena NFT Game

Knights of Cathena is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) turned-based game that utilizes MultiversX Blockchain. Knights of Cathena is a PvP (Player versus Player) multiplayer strategy game where players will utilize their wits to overpower opponents in action-packed battles. Players will battle in a grid-based battlefield featuring 3D fight scenes. The game starts by strategically positioning the soldiers and equipping them with powerful items (NFTs).

The game features five distinct character classes: Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, and King. The Knight Class has heavy armor and strong physical prowess, it attacks enemies within its close vicinity. The Hunter Class has light armor, high agility, and a long-ranged bow, it attacks enemies from a distance. The Mage Class attacks enemies using ancient magic combined with its unmatched arcane talents. The Priest Class supports other classes with unlimited healing and an attack in the form of the goddess’s wrath. Lastly, The King Class is the central piece of every match, the King’s downfall signifies the loss of the player thus ending the battle, it is the duty of the player to protect the King at all costs.

$CGO (Cathena Gold) is the native token introduced in the game. Knights of Cathena features two kinds of NFTs in the game, Items and Noble Houses. NFT Items are used to equip the player’s characters, items can also be merged to upgrade them, and it is tradeable within the marketplace. NFT Noble Houses are the social hub of players, $CGO will be given to the lords of Noble Houses, and the members are rewarded with other in-game benefits, Noble Houses can also be traded on the marketplace.

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