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Kitsumon released first ever land sale on Balthazar Launchpad

Balthazar is excited to offer Kitsumon’s first ever land sale on the Balthazar Launchpad, with 1,000 minted mystery boxes up for grabs on October 26, 2022.

The Pokèmon-inspired NFT game includes deep breeding and genetic mechanics. Players collect, breed, and care for Kitsumons in the game. The intention is to breed strong Kitsu pets to battle with them in the MOBA PvP battle arena.

If a player is not too keen on the battle aspect, the RPG version of the game through professions will be geared towards more casual fun. Professions will include things such as fishing, farming, and cooking, and each profession will play a part in the play-to-earn economy. These professions provide resources for Kitsu pets to be used, for example, in a battle to supercharge their powers.

While the game isn’t live as yet, the land sale marks the start of the game’s upcoming launch as it’s the basis for the game.

At 2pm UTC on October 26, 2022, 1,000 mystery boxes will be for sale for 48 hours, and available to purchase for 75 USDC each. Each box will contain a plot of land from “terosia”, which is the land of Kitsumon. Each plot may contain forests, deserts, beaches, or one of 13 other land types available. 

How to purchase

Buy mystery boxes here