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Kingdom Clash

Kingdom Clash is a real-time strategy game that focuses on players conquering World Wonders and forming guilds. The play-to-earn NFT game brings a lot to the table.

  • WAX

What Is Kingdom Clash?

Kingdom Clash is a classic strategy game available on the web browser. It uses the Wax blockchain, often known as the King of NFTs. The game focuses on players building a civilization, turning it into a mighty kingdom. To progress in the game, you must create buildings and units. For that, you need resources. So, you will mine for resources by building buildings like Lumbar Camp, Stone Quarry, Gold Mines, and Farms.

The game is similar to various classic games like Age of empires or Empire Earth. You build an army and clash against other players and guilds. There will be a new season in the game. The end objective is to conquer a world wonder to end each season in the game.

How To Play?

There are three different Civilizations for players to choose and begin their empire:

  • Yasuda
  • Gunks
  • Imunabi

Each civilization has unique abilities, technology, and traits that distinguish them from others.

Once you join the game, you will start with a simple setup. Your objective is to collect four resources available in the game:

  • Wood
  • Gold
  • Stone
  • Food

These resources are essential to build buildings, upgrade them, research new possibilities, and build armies or units.

Each base camp, like the Quarry, Lumber Camp, and Farm, is an NFT. You can upgrade them to generate more passive income from the resources. As they have a multi-level system, the more you upgrade, the better they get.

Similarly, the game also employs a fusing (merging) technology, but smart. There, you can combine two different levels of NFTs to acquire a middle-level NFT. You can also combine the same levels to acquire something better.

Tokens In Kingdom Clash

The game will offer Wax Tokens as a Reward for winning the season, as it runs on the Wax blockchain. But that is the only cryptocurrency known to work in the game.

Apart from that, the resources are all non-tokenized to stay in the game. However, each unit, building, and resource works as an NFT that you can trade or sell on the Marketplace.

So, you can choose to sell a fixed unit, building, and more NFTs to the marketplace or purchase them from there. Everything that a player creates is an NFT. However, players will also lose them as the units die in the game and more.

Hence, the game gives a sense of true gain and loss. Even the World Wonders and King Characters are NFTs available in the game.

How To Buy Kingdom Clash Tokens

Currently, you can only buy the Tokens or trade them on the Alcor Exchange.

You can buy Wax tokens separately anywhere it is listed since it is not in the game.

Play In Guild

The game itself states that it focuses heavily on Guild mechanics. You will need to be a part of the Guild and conquer or defend the World Wonder to last long, as there will be a barrage of players trying to prevent you from winning and holding the World wonder for themself.

So, it is only the right choice for you to become a Wizard of Balthazar. As a member of Balthazar, you can build better kingdoms and empires in Kingdom Clash. This will open an all-new frontier for you to accumulate wealth.

Balthazar is a highly-evolving NFT platform that works on empowering its Wizards and building wealth-generating infrastructures that will prevail throughout NFT space and Metaverse.


Which Blockchain Does Kingdom Clash Use?

Kingdom Clash uses WAX blockchain because it is excellent for transactions. As the NFTs in Kingdom clash will rely on transactions a lot, it is ideal. Kingdom Clash is often known as the king of the NFTs, making it suitable for all.

How To Earn Money In Kingdom Clash?

Kingdom Clash will offer a reward pool price for each season for the winner to claim. Apart from that, there are NFTs that users can buy, sell, or trade. You can even upgrade them for better rewards and monetary gains.

When Will Kingdom Clash Release?

Kingdom Clash is available for players to connect and start playing immediately. The season is ongoing, and there will be more seasons in the future. There could be massive changes each season, as well.

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