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King of Planets

King of Planets is a revolutionary blockchain-based game that combines NFTs, DeFi 2.0, and GameFi.

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Max Supply 1,000,000,000

King of Planets NFT Game

King of Planets is a revolutionary blockchain-based game that combines NFTs, DeFi 2.0, and GameFi. It is built on the Klaytn platform and allows users to earn and spend $KOP tokens while enjoying a variety of exciting gaming features. At the heart of the game are the Aliens, which are unique NFT assets that come in different grades and levels that can be enjoyed in various contents such as NFT Farming, PVP Battle, Boss Raids, etc., and earn rewards.

To acquire Aliens, players can either open Mystery Eggs or trade them in the Marketplace. The Aliens are born with different grades ranging from Common to Legendary, and each one has a Hash Power that affects the gameplay. The Hash Power also determines the rewards that players can earn by staking their Aliens in the Alien Farming feature. One of the most exciting features of King of Planets is the Battle Arena, where players can pit their Aliens against each other in turn-based battles. The Battle Arena is operated in seasons, and players can earn rewards based on their rank after the season ends. Another feature is the Boss Raid, where players team up with other players in Alliances to fight against the Chimera, a boss monster that plunders $KOP. To win the battle, players must strategically deploy their Aliens’ skills and attributes, which include Defense, Attack, Heal, and more. The King of Planets game is designed to ensure that the Aliens retain their value and control inflation. When players upgrade their Aliens in Rare, Epic, and Legendary grades, they must consume Aliens in the same or lower grades. These consumed Aliens are burned by the Burn code, which helps maintain the Aliens’ value.

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