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A complete NFT game that combines RPG, RTS, and MOBA. The play-to-earn aspects are laid out with farming, mining, fusing, burning, staking, and more. Khosmium has it all to be the AAA Rated Game in Metaverse.

  • Solana

What Is Khosmium?

Khosmium is an eSports game available for PC users on Solana Blockchain. The game combines the elements of an RPG game with Real-Time Strategy and a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Players compete in a PVP or PVE environment where the victor takes it all as the last man standing.

The game also expands on various NFT and play-to-earn aspects. You unlock new items, equipment, and more. Besides earning from daily rewards and events, there is staking and farming available in the game. Khosmium is a holistic game that covers every aspect of and explores further on the Metaverse Gaming Project.

Players Can:

  • Play the game as a Battle Royale and reign superior to earn rewards.
  • Complete daily, weekly and monthly missions, quests, and activities to acquire extra rewards.
  • Stake and lock NFTs to increase the reward pool.
  • Merge different NFTs of the same class/level to form better NFTs.
  • Use the in-game marketplace to trade NFTs or export them to secondary marketplaces.

How To Play?

A player will start with a single hero character. It is a basic character without any equipment or upgrades. You can move ahead and level up, acquire armor, equipment, pets, and more to turn your hero into a unique character or NFT. There are also 28 heroes for players to purchase and use if they plan on doing so. Hence, the game is free-to-play and invest-to-play.

  • Once you have the character, your objective is to participate in the PvP or PvE battles. Your aim is to win them and accumulate more rewards, experience, and more.
  • The increasing rewards and levels will open up better equipment, items, and more for you.
  • If you want to acquire NFTs, items, pets, etc. You will have to purchase Magic Capsules. Magic Capsules come with different rarities, containing corresponding rarity NFTs and items.
  • You can combine NFTs of similar type and rarity to form something of higher rarity and ranking. Alternatively, you can browse the marketplace or sell your NFTs to make extra profits.
  • There are also Planets, Land NFTs, that players can acquire and trade as they go.

Khosmium Tokens

The game has worked on creating and expanding various kinds of tokens to make it a complete game. They have great mechanics, like circulation, economy, and burning mechanisms.

  • Heroes: There are 28 unique heroes for you to unlock, varying in rarities and completely customizable to be one-of-a-kind. Each hero has one passive, three active, and one ultimate ability to use in-game.
  • Pets: There are 15 different species of pets available. Each one enhances specific attributes of your character (Hero).
  • Objects: There are 100 different NFT objects. These are the equipment, and your hero can use 7 of these at a time.
  • $KHOS: It is the cryptocurrency of the game.
  • $IUM: The in-game currency of the game.

How To Buy Khosmium Tokens?

There will be an option for you to connect the wallet and then use the exchange platforms to get $KHOS. YOu can then use it on the Marketplace to buy various NFTs available in the game.

Play In Guild

Khosmium is one of the games where making a party or guild will be essential. Apart from the single-player mode, there will be a team battler, which is indispensable in any MOBA and eSport game to work. So, you need to empower yourself.

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Which Blockchain Does Khosmium Use?

Khosmium uses the Solana blockchain, which is prominent in gaming projects. As an AAA-grade project, Khosmium has a lot going on. However, we could see cross-chain compatibility in the future.

When Will Khosmium Be Available To Play?

Following the roadmap, Khosmium should be available to play by Q2 2022. However, as the market is facing delays, all the projects have been delayed. So, you can expect it to arrive by Q4 2022 or even Q1 2023.

How To Make Money In Khosmium?

Khosmium has many ways for players to earn money. You can earn the $KHOS or $IUM token by playing the game or trade NFTs. There is also staking to increase the stable reward pool, among other things.

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