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Kepler is a third-person open-world game set in a future world that is entirely player-driven.

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Max Supply 1,024,000,000

KeplerHomes NFT Game

Kepler is a third-person open-world game set in a future world that is entirely player-driven. The game is set on planet Kepler where players choose from different occupations and gain experience to level up their character. The game features various combat attributes, including physical, blast, energy, and elemental attacks that can cause different effects on enemies. Players are members of the interstellar migration fleet, landing on the planet Kepler, where they face many unknowns, such as higher life forms, creatures, and hostile forces. Players must choose a profession, defeat creatures, and interact with other players to add value to the world. There are three gameplay modes: P2E, PVE, and PVP. P2E allows players to pay KEPL tokens to unlock characters, levels, and a full gaming experience. PVE includes tasks, fighting monsters, mining, fishing, and obtaining supplies. PVP is where players compete for resources with other teams of players. Kepler offers in-game replicas, land interests, and monster rights for players to explore solo or in groups.

Kepler supports a dual-token economy system with KEPL+KEME and allows holders to participate in community governance and voting, giving them the right to vote on major decisions about the future development direction of the game. KEPL tokens are necessary to unlock key characters, copies, or areas. Tokens can be obtained by buying from Dexes, selling NFTs in the NFT market, participating in Kepler’s liquidity provision, or via pledging and other DeFi products. Token functions include stake, governance vote, and trading medium. A 5% fee is charged for payments made with KEPL tokens in the NFT. Kepler has a chat system, friend system, and guild system for socializing, communicating with friends online, and forming a union to complete difficult tasks.

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