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Kazora is a play to earn, web3, 3D- Shooting game developed by Kadena, and powered by Unreal Engine.

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Kazora NFT Game

Kazora is a play to earn, web3, 3D- Shooting game developed by Kadena, and powered by Unreal Engine.

Kazora is a multiplayer, first person shooting game connected with blockchain technology that allows for greater transparency, security, and ownership over these digital assets, as each NFT is recorded on a public ledger and cannot be duplicated or manipulated. This may also provide new opportunities for players to earn rewards, monetize their skills, or participate in a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Kazora is created to have a competitive gameplay in which players utilize in-game items such as weapons, skins as well as other in-game equipments as NFT items that any player can own and collect. The game’s weaponry varies its statistical attributes depending on its NFT rarity. Players that own rare weapons are most likely to win the match since it provides great firepower compared to basic and common weapons. Another NFT item that players should consider to own is armory, just like with weaponry, players who own rare armors take more advantage in winning the arsenal match. Kazora features PvP tournament matches in which players can compete against other players in which it dictates whoever did the best game performance can climb up ranks and earn in-game rewards. The game is supported with KAZORA TOKEN which can be earned by participating in-game activities and staking mechanisms. These tokens can be exchanged equivalent to its relative market value.

Kazora aims to provide players the best shooting game with utilization of blockchain technology. Providing not just a fun and thrilling multiplayer warfare match but also gives players the authority to earn profits, creates a competitive metaverse that shoots the curiosity of every gun fanatic.

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