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Kart Racing League

Kart Racing League is a play to earn, blockchain-based NFT game that is developed by Blue Monster Games (BMG).

  • Polygon
Price $0.25
Market Cap $9,719,984
Fully Diluted Market Cap $12,493,585
Volume(24h) 47,277
24h % Change -0.43
Circulating Supply 38,446,598.00 KRL
Max Supply 49,417,348
Total Supply 49,417,348

Kart Racing League NFT Game

Kart Racing League is a play to earn, blockchain-based NFT game that is developed by Blue Monster Games (BMG). Collect, trade, and evolve playable NFT characters while competing against one another in online multiplayer races.

Kart Racing League incorporates fun Mario Kart-style gameplay with 3D NFT characters. Players can purchase NFT karts and customize them with unique skins and upgrades. These karts are then used to compete in races against other players. It also highlights a social aspect, allowing players to connect with each other and form teams to compete against other teams in leagues and tournaments in which the winner receives bountiful rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. The game features multiple tracks with varying difficulties and challenges, as well as different game modes such as time trials and multiplayer races. As players progress through the game, they can earn experience points and level up their karts, unlocking new customization options and more challenging races. The “seasons’ ‘ in the Kart Racing League each run about ten weeks. These seasons also include a new race course and a chapter to the game’s narrative. Kart Racing League is supported with dual economic tokens. EoC is considered as the game’s utility token while $KRL (Kart Racing League Token) is the governance token which can be exchanged equivalent to an amount relative to its market value.

Kart Racing League is a web3 multiplayer game that lets the players enjoy the thrill of play-to-earn racing with features both strategic and skill-based gameplay, gives a fun and competitive match for every player to fasten their seatbelts and drive through the finish line.

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