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KARMAVERSE is a new metaverse game that is getting a lot of attention in the gaming world.

  • Polygon
Price $0.02
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $4,170,890
Volume(24h) 9,414
24h % Change -2.94
Circulating Supply 0.00 KNOT
Max Supply 210,000,000

Karmaverse NFT Game

KARMAVERSE is a new metaverse game that is getting a lot of attention in the gaming world. This immersive game takes place in many different worlds, such as fantasy, the Old West, cyberpunk, space exploration, and cyberpunk society. The game uses blockchain technology to add GameFi and SocialFi features, and players, who are called “Karmanauts,” use NFTs to move assets from one game to another or sell them to other players.

Each player has an avatar that can move freely between game worlds. This avatar is linked to their token wallet, which has all the tokens and assets they have won in every game on the system. In KARMAVERSE, players can build their own homes, call friends, and store and show off all the rare items they find in the games. This gives the game a new level of customization and makes the Karmaverse group a better place to meet new people.

KARMAVERSE also has its own coin called KARMA. The KARMA token is an ERC-20 token that is used as the main form of currency in the Karmaverse network. It can be used to buy NFTs, pay for things and services inside the game, or even bet on certain games to get more KARMA. Outside of the Karmaverse ecosystem, you can also sell KARMA on different cryptocurrency exchanges. The marketplace in KARMAVERSE is another fun feature that lets players trade NFTs and coins. Players can also go to the Overworld, where they can fight with other players and gather resources. There are different kinds of land, like farms, lumberyards, and mines, where players can gather different resources and fight with each other to get more rewards. With the KARMAVERSE, players can enjoy different games and features while making money as they play.

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