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InfiniMerge, the debut game from InfiniGods, is a puzzle-style Web 3 game that incorporates P2E mechanics.

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InfiniMerge NFT Game

InfiniMerge, the debut game from InfiniGods, is a puzzle-style Web 3 game that incorporates P2E mechanics. Think of it as a Web3-optimized version of popular games like Candy Crush or City Block. The game is centered around ancient Greek mythology, with players encountering various iconic characters and legends from this fascinating historical period as they progress through the levels.

InfiniMerge provides a fresh approach to the merge game category, drawing inspiration from popular casual puzzle games such as Candy Crush, Triple Town, and City Blocks. The game emphasizes building, adventure, and competition. Each day, players can access a new, distinctive level based on the myths and characters of a particular civilization. These daily levels are arranged in seasons, forming a retelling of a classic myth or a new story inspired by the civilization’s legends. Players are tracked and rewarded through daily, weekly, and season-long leaderboards, and weekly tournaments feature unique scenarios.

InfiniMerge is creating a fully player-owned economy where the supply of key power-ups is controlled by players. There are two types of power-ups: Elder Gods (super power-ups) and Followers (power-ups). The primary reward in InfiniMerge is Followers, which can be earned by completing daily levels and placing high on weekly leaderboards. These power-ups can be used to perform special actions within the game. Each Elder God has a specific in-game power that can be activated a set number of times per game. Players can spend Followers to refresh their Elder Gods’ powers to use them more frequently. In InfiniMerge, Elder Gods offer a range of powers, such as randomly shuffling all pieces on the board, destroying all copies of a selected piece, upgrading a designated piece, adding extra turns or time on limited levels, and creating three copies of a selected queue piece for easy merging.

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