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Icons of Theia

Icons of Theia is an NFT turn-based strategy game built on the Polygon network.

Icons of Theia NFT Game

Icons of Theia is an NFT turn-based strategy game built on the Polygon network. The game features “Icons” as a playable character, every Icons is an NFT having its own unique abilities, attributes, aesthetic, and exciting backstory.

The game Icons of Theia starts with team setup and placement, players select their team of Icons before the start of every match, and the game starts with a setup phase where players place their team of Icons on the board. Gameplay is composed of rounds and turns, each match is played across multiple rounds, and players take turns moving their Icons on the board and attacking their opponent’s Icons, every round player swap the initiative in playing. The winning condition of the game is to eliminate every other Icons of the opponent or to have a higher score when the time is reached.

Skins are available for customization of Icons, and although it doesn’t affect any in-game abilities, performance, and earnings, skins allow players to change their Icon’s aesthetic in-game. Skins are divided into 4 rarities, which affect the Icons appearance: Uncommon Skins (changes the color of Icon’s weapon, equipment, clothing, and gear), Rare Skins (changes the base appearance of the Icons such as clothing, hairstyle, and artwork), Epic Skins (changes in-game animations, as well as different models for weapons and equipment, also includes a new pose), and Legendary Skins (makes drastic changes in the Icon’s appearance, from silhouette and weapon model to the point of changing the appearance as a whole). The distribution of Skin supply depends on its rarity, 5000 for each Uncommon Skin, 1500 for each Rare Skin, 500 each for Epic Skin, and 250 for the Legendary Skin.

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