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Horizon Land

Horizon Land is an Web 3 game that allows players to buy and own virtual land.

  • ETH
Price $5.81
Market Cap $2,953,512
Fully Diluted Market Cap $5,517,289
Volume(24h) 39,285
24h % Change 2.75
Circulating Supply 508,554.00 MUSE
Max Supply 950,001
Total Supply 950,001

Horizon Land NFT Game

Horizon Land is an Web 3 game that allows players to buy and own virtual land. The game is built on the Ethereum network and uses NFTs to represent each piece of virtual land.

In the game, players can explore and interact with their virtual land, build structures and monuments, and even engage in thrill battles with other players. The game also features a governance system where players can vote on decisions related to the game’s development and management. Horizon Land’s unique selling point is its focus on creating a virtual world that is fully owned and controlled by its players. The game’s developers aim to create a decentralized, community-driven economy where players can truly own their virtual assets and determine the direction of the game’s development. As an NFT-based game, the value of the virtual land in Horizon Land is determined by the market demand for it. Players can buy and sell their virtual land on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, with prices determined by the scarcity and desirability of each plot of land. The game is supported with $MUSE (Muse DAO) as the game’s native token which can be exchanged for a value relatively to its market value.

Horizon Land is a new metaverse created to present its users a taste of creativity, concept of world building and intense battle gameplays. It is a fully immersed system generated by blockchain technology that seeks to provide a new virtual experience for every gamer on the internet that allows them to engage in an interactive open world play to earn application.

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