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Heroes And Empires

Heroes & Empires is a Play-2-Earn strategy game that combines the elements of RPG and auto-chess. It has different digital collectibles and races like Human, Goblin, Elf, Demon, Beast, Naga, God and Undead awaits to be discovered.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,236,032
Volume(24h) 14,034
24h % Change -1.50
Circulating Supply 0.00 HE
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 897,318,381

What is Heroes and Empires

Heroes & Empires combines the elements of RPG with a strategy-based game. You lead a team of five heroes and place them strategically to battle enemies. The game works on Binance Blockchain. Almost everything that players own in the game is unique and an NFT. The game focuses on a play-to-learn experience while also making the game entertaining.

Heroes & Empires offers visually appealing character and item designs to uphold the NFT values. The game runs on the Unity engine. There are multiple modes available, from PvP to PvE. There are also plenty of rewards in daily, weekly, and progress quests for the players.

The game is available for mobile and PC users.

Available hero races

There are eight different races available in the game. Each one has a specific rarity when you try to get a hero from the Genesis Hero Crate:

  • Elf
  • Beast
  • Demon
  • Goblin
  • God
  • Human
  • Naga
  • Undead 
Gods, Demons, and Nagas have a chance of 2.5% for you to acquire from the crate. All other races have a chance of 18.5%.

Summoning Heroes

Summoning a hero is similar to minting a new Hero NFT. You will need 50 HE Tokens and a Scroll to perform the summon. A player must also finish Chapters 5-1 to access summoning entirely. After that, you can invest in scrolls and HE Tokens to summon as many heroes as you like. There are different classes of heroes with rarities and chances. So, that is entirely random.

How to play

First, you will have to log in to the Heroes & Empires, then connect to the PancakeSwap wallet. Then you will have slots of 50 heroes by default. You will need a team of five heroes to begin playing the game. Therefore, you will either have to purchase them from the marketplace or buy a Genesis Rare Chest.

  • Marketplace allows you to select and purchase each hero individually. You have freedom of choice.
  • Genesis Rare Chest comes with different changes for different classes of heroes. The chances are also divided among races. So, you will get 5 completely random heroes if you choose this option.
  • Once you get heroes, you will participate in various PvP and PvE events. These will help you level up your heroes, collect rewards, and find different items. Thus, you can customise your team better.

Heroes and Empires tokens

Everything that players own is NFTs. These are Heroes NFTs, Gear NFTs, and HE (Heroes & Empires Token). The NFTs are built on BEP-721.

The HE (Heroes & Empires Token) has a total supply of 1 billion. It is a governance token working with GameFi objectives. You can play to earn through events and daily quests. Minting heroes is also possible through HE.

So, you can earn HE by:

  • Participating in the games and exploring various activities.
  • Trying the PVP segment for higher stakes and rewards. Rank in the leaderboard for better rewards.
  • Go through the game and collect various heroes, items, and gears.
  • Open the crates and packs to earn various Heroes NFTs and HE tokens.

How to buy and sell Heroes and Empires tokens

HE token will be available in the game’s wallet (PancakeSwap, or any other supported Wallet) for you to purchase and convert.

Meanwhile, there is a built-in Marketplace for you to buy and sell Heroes and Empire NFTs. As these are NFTs, you can transfer them to other platforms like OpenSea and sell them there, as well.

Join a guild

There are features like Clans and Tournaments in Heroes And Empires. So, it would be ideal to become a part of a mutually supportive community. Balthazar is a prominent NFT gaming platform that is working on empowering its members (WizardS) by helping them build wealth continually. You can join and become eligible for scholarships. These scholarships make it easier for you to play your favourite NFT and blockchain games, as you don’t need to invest excessively, just share profits.


Is Heroes and Empires free to play?

No. You will need at least 5 heroes to start playing the game. The only way for you to get heroes is either by purchasing a correlating crate or buying them from Marketplace. As such, you will need money to purchase them. So, it is not free to play the game. But you can certainly play to earn.

How do you earn money in Heroes and Empires?

You will need a PancakeSwap or a similar wallet to connect to the game. After that, you can earn HE and convert it to other cryptos for liquidity. You can also acquire and sell various NFTs like heroes and their gear. There is an option to mint new or completely customised heroes, as well.

When will Heroes and Empires release?

Heroes And Empires will be released in November 2021. It has begun the final phase and has released the Android app in Q1 2022, as well. Now, only the finalisation remains with DAO, Sidechain integration and other PvP and PvE features. These will arrive within Q2 2022.

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