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Hash Rush

Hash Rush is an MMO-RTS game that takes place in the sci-fi universe of Hermian Galaxy.

  • ETH
Price $0.00
Market Cap $295,396
Fully Diluted Market Cap $559,374
Volume(24h) 62,810
24h % Change -13.88
Circulating Supply 1,584,249,827.00 RUSH
Max Supply 3,000,000,000
Total Supply 3,000,000,000

Hash Rush NFT Game

Hash Rush is an MMO-RTS game that takes place in the sci-fi universe of Hermian Galaxy. As per the game’s backstory, players are thrust into the midst of a galactic calamity called the Crystal Storm. Following the storm, various planets across the galaxy were bombarded with crystal shards, which united to form a hive mind with the sole intention of corrupting and molding life to its will.

Hash Rush is an upcoming game that offers players the opportunity to experience different modes of play. There are three distinct modes available, each offering a unique gameplay experience. The first is the Standard Mode, which allows players to gather crafting resources, crystals for power-ups, and keys to open vaults containing special heroes. In this mode, players must also build and maintain a base to defend against enemy attacks. The second mode is Dungeon Mode, which offers strategic challenges without the need for building and maintaining a base. Players must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to unlock new crafting recipes. Lastly, the Boss Assault Mode features a pre-made base that players must defend using a selection of up to three heroes. This mode provides players with the opportunity to acquire level-up materials for their heroes’ skills. Overall, these different modes allow players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences and offer a range of challenges and rewards to enjoy.

Players can acquire powerful Heroes through direct purchase, trading, in-game summons, or crafting. These Heroes serve as the most valuable assets, and players must focus on improving their levels, abilities, and equipment to enhance their standing within the game. Heroes start at Level 1 and can reach Level 80, with experience and in-game drops being the two ways to increase their levels.

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