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Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is a cross-platform war strategy game set in World War setting.

  • ETH
Price $1.02
Market Cap $326,306,120
Fully Diluted Market Cap $998,319,853
Volume(24h) 3,702,194
24h % Change -4.36
Circulating Supply 318,606,696.42 WEMIX
Total Supply 974,763,790

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict NFT Game

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is a cross-platform war strategy game set in World War setting. In this web 3 game, players can build structures like Armory, Research Lab, Workshop etc. in order to train and build massive Aircraft Carriers to achieve PVE and PVP goals. Such goals are City Conquest, World War, World Boss, Tournaments and War of the Factions. Gunship Battle can be played on PC and mobile devices (both Android and iOS).

Aircraft Carriers in Gunship Battle blockchain game have different builds and capabilities. Kuznetsov aircraft carrier is designed to launch jets from a short, curved ski-jump ramp. It is capable of carrying a lot of ammunition. The Elizabeth aircraft carrier has separate bridges for navigation and flight control. It has a range of up to 10,000 nautical miles. The Nimitz is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier mass-produced to take over similar missions accomplished by Enterprise class aircraft carriers. Large aircraft carriers that can place many jets and AFVs. It has a relatively high upgrade cost.

Aside from aircraft carriers, players can also build Combat Jets. RF-M is a stealthy tactical combat jet that is multipurpose and has balanced anti-air, anti-ship, and anti-ground combat capabilities. The EF2000 is an elite combat jet that is capable of supersonic flights. Its excellent mobility and small radar cross-section make it suitable for gaining air superiority. The Desert F-16FF is an upgraded version of F-16FF equipped with a conformal fuel tank. It has a sensor and radar enhancement and improved operation range and anti-ground attack.

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