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GunFire Hero

GunFire Hero is a play to earn Web3 game second to the multiverse of Step Hero.

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Price $0.00
Market Cap $16,635,609
Fully Diluted Market Cap $32,646,729
Volume(24h) 238,611
24h % Change 0.76
Circulating Supply 5,095,643,290.00 HERO
Max Supply 10,000,000,000
Total Supply 9,766,213,274

GunFire Hero NFT Game

GunFire Hero is a play to earn Web3 game second to the multiverse of Step Hero. GunFire Hero is a shooting game that features automatic shooting gameplay; gamers only need to control the character’s movement and monsters will be shot to death by the automatic shooting system of the game.

The game characters use guns, it aims to kill monsters while strengthening the hero, collecting items, earning tokens (GunFire Hero’s token are known as Hero dollars or Step dollars), and upgrading the hero’s equipment. The monsters in GunFire Hero get stronger after finishing each challenge, the monsters also grow in quantity. It is a must to upgrade hero equipment to deal with the monsters easily.

One default hero would be given at the beginning of the game among 9 other hero characters, the heroes are divided into 6 ranks, from rank 0 to rank 5, and the levels are from level 1 to a maximum of level 80. With the items that dropped from the winning stage, you can unlock more characters or change the character’s appearance by collecting skin or using a skin token. The characters are required to be fully armed, weapons increase the attack power of the character, and unique weapons will deal more damage to the monsters. Heroes can be equipped with gear and armor which boosts HP, attack, and defense. The rarity or uniqueness in gunfire hero is divided into 5 levels which are Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common; the rarity only applies to material, not to the heroes. There are 3 game modes that players can play in GunFire Hero: Stage mode, Endless mode, and Weekly Events.

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