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Guild Of Guardians

It is an epic fantasy RPG where you can explore a magic world with dungeons, orcs, elves, and more. Guild of Guardians is also open to multiplayer game allowing players to communicate and battle against or with each other.

  • ETH
Price $0.07
Market Cap $27,071,653
Fully Diluted Market Cap $74,441,457
Volume(24h) 441,900
24h % Change -3.31
Circulating Supply 363,663,667.10 GOG
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play epic fantasy role-playing game that focuses on the adventures of exploring the dungeons. It is a mobile game working on the Ethereum Blockchain Network. As a Fantasy RPG, it offers a magical world full of elves, orcs, humans, and many others.

The game encompasses the conventional loot & trade options with blockchain integration. Thus, you own everything you acquire in the game and have the right to either trade it anywhere or use it. The game also offers guild multiplayer options for you to enjoy with friends.

Guild of Guardians is also in partnership with Ubisoft, NRG, iMMUTABLE, Yield Guild, GrowYourBase, and Blockchain Game Alliance. Developed by STEPICO, it already has 150,000 registered players, according to the official website.

How to play Guild of Guardians

The game strongly focuses on building a party of Guardians for your guild. You can assign different roles like Tank, Healer, Support, and Attacker types. Team strategy will be vital for the gameplay, so will be your ability to move the party. There is a synergy system to further augment teamwork.

  • The game focuses on sending a party to the dungeon for raids. These dungeons will be full of various challenges, including monsters and traps. You have to clear the dungeon.
  • As you clear the dungeons, you will receive rewards according to the difficulty levels and continue.
  • You can upgrade heroes and level up, also mint new items to progress and clear higher level dungeons.

With the game development, there will be other additions like PvP, Guild Raids, Tournaments, Land Ownership.

Guild of Guardians tokens

Guild of Guardians is in partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, and they are offering ERC-20 Token Gems. Gems will be available for players to play for free and earn in-game. It will also work as a governance token for voting rights. Apart from that, players can use it to mint new NFT items or purchase items from the marketplace.

How to buy and sell Guild of Guardians

There is a built-in store on the official website platform to purchase different packs. That is the only known way to buy Heroes, Guilds, and other NFTs currently.

However, there’s no way for players to buy equipment in the game. You will have to raid the dungeons and collect various parts to create items. After that, players are free to sell them in the secondary marketplace if they so desire. There’s no rule stopping them from doing so.

Apart from equipment, there are different Guilds that you can only join by purchasing them from the store. Of course, each one has a limit on the members and comes with an array of perks or features.

Pets and other companions will be available in pre-launch or pre-sale events for players to purchase. After that, they are free to trade.

Heroes are only available for you to purchase through Summoning. The summoning pack will have different chances.

Join a guild

Guild Of Guardians will emphasise the teamwork aspects. It is bound to be a multiplayer game to thrive in the setting. So, why shouldn’t you start early and join a mutually-beneficial community? Balthazar is a premium NFT gaming platform that promotes team play.

You can become a wizard of Balthazar and attain scholarships. Alternatively, you can also offer scholarships for different NFT platforms to share responsibilities, or gameplay opportunities, while earning profits.

Balthazar is striving to create a wealth-building ecosystem for NFT gamers worldwide.


When will Guild of Guardians release?

The game was set to release on Mobile in early 2022. However, according to the roadmap, it could get delayed until the first half of 2023. Although the game is under development, founder heroes are available as NFT collections. You can join the official Discord channel for more information on the game.

Is Guild of Guardians play to earn?

The game combines play-for-free and play-to-earn. Players will have an opportunity to download and play the game for free or invest in various hero drops, guild drops, and other items. You can eventually accumulate enough in-game achievements to turn them into monetary gains, as well.

Will there be gas cost in Guild of Guardians?

The game will use Immutable X infrastructure. It comes with many benefits like zero gas cost for P2P trading. Therefore, you won’t have to bear extensive gas fees or transition fees in the game. There will be many other benefits to Immutable X, as well.

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