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GoldenKnights : Metaverse

Released in 2016, Golden Knights is a popular RPG game that allows users to collect heroes.

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GoldenKnights: Metaverse NFT Game

Released in 2016, Golden Knights is a popular RPG game that allows users to collect heroes. With a current user base of 5 million spread across 208 countries, the game has gained immense popularity. Recently, the game has been transformed into GoldenKnights: Metaverse by combining Play-to-Earn (P2E) technology.

The game boasts an impressive set of features, allowing players to collect over 300 unique heroes with seven distinct attributes and a variety of skills. The game encourages players to build their own strategies and enjoy battles with the attributes and skills of their heroes. Additionally, players can collect powerful equipment through boss raids of various patterns and enjoy tense battles in various game modes. With exhilarating and colorful action battles, players can switch to automatic fight mode without feeling stifled. The game offers in-game events and rewards without any pressure, and players can communicate with their guild members and enjoy guild content in various modes together. The automated dungeon-hunting system is one of the most significant features of GoldenKnights. By playing the game easily and comfortably, players can earn GOLA coins as a reward.

In the Golden Knights: Metaverse ecosystem, GOLA is the primary coin used by gamers. The coin is supplied with a specific amount of liquidity daily through rewards, allowing gamers to participate in various events such as Yield Farming, NFT Staking, and others, and receive GOLA rewards. This provides an incentive for gamers to engage in the ecosystem actively. GOLA has become an integral part of the Golden Knights: Metaverse platform, allowing gamers to access a range of features and services while earning rewards for their participation.

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