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Gold Fever

Gold Fever is a play to earn the multiplayer video game.

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Price $0.16
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $26,815,870
Volume(24h) 202,013
24h % Change -0.54
Circulating Supply 0.00 NGL
Total Supply 169,993,800

Gold Fever NFT GAME

Gold Fever is a play to earn the multiplayer video game. It is a role-playing game where players engage with the community or their friends in order to finish missions and claim loot and bonuses. With all its features and interactive gameplay, players will enjoy taking on roles and communicating with each other as they finish missions and utilize their skills for their tokens.

In this game, there are various roles that players should each take, each has their own special skills and abilities. Roles such as those of tribal members can be played as those of a sorcerer, forager, or warrior, while adventurers can be a prospector, medics, or hunters. This encourages participants to form evenly-matched teams and collaborate strategically as they combine the functions of each role. For example, in the adventurer faction, some players may prioritize mining gold while others will keep watch over the camp, look for food, or look for other valuables. Players will also earn reputation and experience points. Reputation can be earned from the cumulative total of characters killed in battle, the amount of gold saved, and other factors, and when completing quests and tasks in the initial tutorial and arenas, experience points are also collected. Each map contains a certain amount of gold that is known to all players at the outset. Tribals, on the other hand, can gain currency and reputation by eliminating adventurers and bringing the looted gold back to the shrines of their ancestors’ deities. These golds are then used to swap for tokens, which players will earn.

Gold Fever is a new kind of game that will bring an exciting and thrilling experience to players. This game uses various tokens: such as the $JUL, $NGL, and $JBR. The virtual 3D world of the game is split up into mining claims, which are distinct regions of the jungle with rivers, mountains, traps, and artifacts where players may mine for additional earnings. Players should fully understand the mechanics of the game so they can team up and coordinate well to claim all mines possible.

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