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Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game that allows you to collect, build and sell your own deck. It has a fair competitive play where you can unlock cards by playing the game.

  • ETH
Price $0.16
Market Cap $39,485,422
Fully Diluted Market Cap $78,667,288
Volume(24h) 270,016
24h % Change -0.35
Circulating Supply 250,964,684.06 GODS
Max Supply 500,000,000
Total Supply 500,000,000

What is Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained brings you an enthralling experience where you harness the power of gods through cards and battle against other players to reach the top of the leaderboard. The game runs on Ethereum Blockchain and uses Immutable X Layer 2 for a world-class experience.

Gods Unchained is a free to play trading card game that grants players full ownership of the cards they acquire. The game is led by Chris Clay, the Game Director behind Magic: The Gathering Arena. Since its beta release in 2018, the game has accumulated a wide range of players and has hosted tournaments with an increasing prize pool.

You will commence card battles with other players by using these unique cards. The game focuses on playing, collecting cards through different means, trading them, and rising to the ranks as the best player. It isn’t a random number generator game, except for shuffling the card deck. You will have to use tactics and strategy with the deck that you build to battle against other players to win.

How to play

First, you will have to connect your wallet to gain access to anything on the website. Without connecting the wallet, you will find it increasingly challenging to do anything on the game’s website portal. Once you do so, the next step will be to build your deck. Now, the game claims to be free to play the game, and it stays true to that.

  • Once you become a registered player, you will receive around 70 random cards. These won’t have any cards from other expansions or special packs.
  • There have been various releases like Generis, Promo, Ethereum packs. You won’t acquire any cards from these decks after you register. These will be available at the marketplace for you.
  • $GODS Token will make up for the in-game currency that you will use to purchase more cards, decks and access the marketplace. It will also be available for PvP and tournaments.
  • Your objective is to build a substantial deck that you can use and win against other players. There are three types of cards: Relics, Spells, And Creatures.
  • Creatures are primary attacking cards that have attack and defence points. Relics have attack and durability points. Spells don’t have any such points. However, all three cards require mana to use.
  • The game is interactive enough for you to play and have fun. It requires you to use cards in your hands strategically. You will draw them from the deck that is shuffled, and that is the only factor that depends on RNG. Rest depends on your skills to win.

Gods Unchained tokens

Almost everything that players own is an NFT. These don’t just apply to cards, but also the items you unlock or possess as players/ The unique card’s backside design, poseidon’s chains, and many other things are all tokens, as well.

You can buy and sell these in the built-in marketplace or even at the OpenSea. Of course, transferring them from in-game to Wallet and then OpenSea will cost you the required transfer fee or gas fee, but that is a given.

The game also works on $GODS tokens. There are a total of 500 million of these tokens available. These are evenly spread out for the players. Given the popularity of the game, the $GODS token also maintain a firm value in the marketplace.

How to buy and sell

Given the game’s expansion and wide popularity, you can use almost any wallet to connect with the game. However, you won’t find cards easily on OpenSea and other platforms. You will mostly find it in the game’s marketplace.

Join a guild

Gods Unchained has become a famous game for various reasons like appealing NFTs, easy to understand the gameplay, and free to join with free to play integrations. The value of cards has also increased, especially for the other rarer ones they offered. So, if you missed the chance since 2018 to join Gods Unchained, Balthazar can help you out.

You can join Balthazar, a fast-growing NFT gaming platform that offers scholarships to its members. Alternatively, you can become a member and lend your assets to earn sustainable profit. Thus, you can develop a wealth-building ecosystem with Balthazar.


When will Gods Unchained release?

Gods Unchained has already been released and is growing sustainably. It offers new events and tournaments for the players.

Is Gods Unchained a version of Magic: The Gathering?

No. The Game Director behind Magic: The Gathering Arena is also responsible for the brilliant development of Gods Unchained. That is the only relation the two games have.

How do you earn in Gods Unchained?

All the cards hold a specific value. When you purchase packs for cards in the game, you are leaving it to a random chance. The same applies to minting cards. However, the NFT marketplace provides you with a choice to select and buy your car. You can also monetise $GODS tokens or sell your NFTs for money.

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