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Gods and Legends

Gods and Legends is a blockchain game featuring a modern mix of mythology and online gaming.

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Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $25,692
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24h % Change 0.00
Circulating Supply 0.00 GNLR
Max Supply 10,000,000

Gods and Legends NFT GAME

Gods and Legends is a blockchain game featuring a modern mix of mythology and online gaming. The official token of Gods and Legends is the GNL Token used to purchase heroes, gods, items, towers, and in-game energy boosters. In-game tokens are also applied to join Gods and Legends tournaments, the upper fifty or 100 players will receive GNL tokens and NFTs as a price.

To play Gods and Legends, the player is given ten lives and must select a hero and three towers to start the game. Additionally, two heroes and two towers will be added as the game continues. There are three types of towers in Gods and Legends with different functions: Arrow Towers, Magic Towers, and Melee Towers. The player needs to upgrade the land and towers for thirty seconds and defend it by using the player’s selected hero before the monster waves attack. The players must defeat all the monster waves to earn gold and proceed to the next level. If the player’s hero dies, a wait time will be applied depending on the amount of damage received and the hero’s performance. Each win with 40 cleared levels or four cleared areas will earn a player a $GNL token and may be featured on the score leaderboard based on the match performance and achieved stars.

There are four open maps in Gods and Legends that players can use, Mythic Fields, Acidville, Underworld, and Winter. Private maps are Land of Legends, a player-owned land, and The Colosseum highlighting the Player vs. Player game mode.

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