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GNO City

GNO City is a multi-utility NFT game on the WAX blockchain.

  • WAX

GNO City NFT Game

GNO City is a multi-utility NFT game on the WAX blockchain. Players can develop their characters’ abilities for use in Player vs. Player combat, racing, or simply for the sake of bragging rights. The game gives players the opportunity to roam around the city, hunt wild gnomes, and interact with the areas owned by other players. Because GNO City awards points for every interaction a player has, it is widely considered to be the most varied NFT game available on WAX.

The developers of GNO City have redesigned the landing page and developed a new game guide using GitBook in an effort to entice new players to join the game. Last 2022, GNO City launched tournaments in which players established their regular line-up for the day, and the tournaments run in the background while the players go about their business. Winning a season tournament, which typically consists of 12 weeks of competition, will earn a team GNOKEN rewards.

Players have the ability to capture Gnome DNA NFTS in GNO City, as well as communicate with both commercial and residential lands, and stake their homes on the lands of other players. Over the course of time, a variety of business opportunities will become accessible, and landowners will be compensated in GNOKEN. In addition, players can use resources such as bricks, wood, and steel to improve the functionality of their homes and gain an advantage in the racing game. In addition, any Gnome character can be used in the new Monsterfi.io game, enabling players to earn skills in Monster Fight. This feature is available for all Gnome characters.

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