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A digital spirit animal that encompasses your personality and grows through your daily activity. Genopets is the first Move-to-Earn mobile RPG where you will convert your real-life movement and cognitive recognition into the in-game progress to get rewards and grow your Genopet.

  • Solana
Price $0.19
Market Cap $5,272,227
Fully Diluted Market Cap $18,812,860
Volume(24h) 25,617
24h % Change 0.79
Circulating Supply 28,024,591.00 GENE
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000

What is Genopets

Genopets stands out as an NFT-game with its free-to-play mechanics, but that’s not all. The game also offers Move-To-Learn gameplay. In other words, you receive rewards and incentives for walking and partaking in other physical activities. These activities will directly impact the growth of your Genopet. The game is built on Solana Blockchain for flexibility. Genopets’ economy opens it to players worldwide. It isn’t just a game for crypto-players but also the non-crypto individuals. Therefore, anyone can join the intriguing world of Genopets.

Role-playing and player battle game

Each Genopet is unique and grows according to the users. You interact with the Genopet and even acquire more than one pet.

You also battle against other players by using your Genopets. That’s how the game remains interesting. The game takes inspiration from Pokemon and Animal Crossing to bring you a unique blend of gaming styles.

How to play

The game has a well-maintained balancing system for free players and paying players. There is an in-game marketplace for you to explore and invest in. You will also need a wallet to connect to the game. Apart from that:

  • Once you register and join the game, there will be a series of steps for the game to understand your personality. Thus, you will acquire a Genopet accordingly.
  • Next, depending on your daily routine, like workouts, walks, and such, your pet will also evolve. The XP you gain will also help the pet’s evolution.
  • As you do so, your genopet will also gain a unique personality.
  • You can have more than one Genopet, but you need to buy a habitat for that.

To truly gain the play to earn benefits, you would have to progress and create Habitat and other parts. Owning more than one Genopet would be ideal for better results in the NFT game.

Genopets tokens

Genopets encompasses a wide range of tokens that you can convert in-game by investing money. You can also monetise them in the same way or through the marketplace.

$Gene tokens

The $Gene Token is the Governance token in the game. It provides voting rights, staking, and other similar options common in NFT games.

$KI tokens

$KI token is the in-game fungible token and currency. You use it to craft items, help your Genopets grow, and earn from the Habitats.


Also known as Experience points, XPs are also NFTs that you will contain for each Genopet and then use to level up and evolve them.

Refined crystals

You can craft Refined Crystals NFT in the Habitat. It allows you to impact the overall capabilities and evolution of the Genopet. For example, a water refined crystal will grant the Genopet temporary water abilities for the battle.


Genopets are the digital familiars that you will acquire in the game. The power, capabilities, and personality of your Genopet all depend on you. The physical activities that you will perform each day will impact a Genopet’s growth in every aspect.

Each player gets to start with one Genopet, which depends on their personality. These are minted randomly. With XP, you can level up Genopet NFTs and trade them in the marketplace.


Habitats are unique NFTs that work as the shelter for your Genopets. The genopets will live and evolve in a habitat. Each habitat can contain one Genopet. Habitats help you acquire the ability to generate $KI and Refined Crystals.  

How to buy and sell

Genopets works on Solana. Thus, you will find most Tokens on Metaplex. You will also need a Wallet to work with the game as you progress, transfer funds, and pay for gas fees.

Join a guild

Balthazar is bringing you an opportunity to join a highly-flourishing NFT gaming platform. You can become part of the wealth-building ecosystem. The members (Wizards) can apply for scholarships for the NFT games they find challenging or costly to join. Alternatively, pre-existing players can share their resources for profits or monetary gain.


Can you mint new genopets in the game?

Yes. You will need crystals, $SKI and $Gene to mint a new Genopet. There’s no need to have all three. The method to mint genopets isn’t that challenging. However, you won’t get to mint Genesis Genopets or the evolved ones.

When will Genopets release?

Genopets is already working on releasing NFTs (Genopets) since November 2021. The game is in progress, and you can sign up right now by visiting the official webpage and providing your email.

Where to get $SKI in Genopets?

You will generate $SKI by finishing various tasks and battling other players. There is also a Habitat that you can establish to earn a proper flow of $SKI. You will need crystals to maintain Habitats to maintain the flow.

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