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Genopets is a play to earn game that gamifies an active lifestyle.

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Price $0.19
Market Cap $5,288,845
Fully Diluted Market Cap $18,872,159
Volume(24h) 18,826
24h % Change 1.78
Circulating Supply 28,024,591.00 GENE
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000

Genopets NFT Game

Genopets is a play to earn game that gamifies an active lifestyle. It revolves around players building a bond with their digital pet companion by staying active every day. Regardless of whether a player is walking around the mall, jogging at the gym, or running between meetings in the office, their digital pet companion is always with them, counting their way to fuel their gameplay. The game pays homage to the nostalgia of taking care of Tamagotchis, battling Pokémon, or raising real-world pets, with the emotional connection between a player and their pet being a significant motivator to live a more active life.

In Genopets, staying active is just the beginning. Every day, players bank their steps and convert them into Energy, which will fuel the gamer’s gameplay. The bond that players make with their digital pet is linked to their own growth and elaboration, as they level up and evolve their Genopet, they also earn XP, which is a state in the Genopet’s NFT metadata that tracks its rarity on-chain. The higher the position of the Genopet, the more XP it earns, and the rarer and more valuable it becomes. The game features mini-games centered around feeding, playing with, and showing affection towards the player’s Genopet. These games allow players to elevate their pet’s mood, which in turn helps them bank Energy at a more effective rate.

Genopets also allow the player to battle with other players around the world using turn-based combat and mini-games. As players sharpen their reaction time, memory, and cognitive skills through Genopet battles, they can continue to make healthy habits in their daily lives. In conclusion, Genopets is a unique NFT game that combines the time-honored mechanics of caring for digital pet companions with the practical motivator of staying active in real life. The game encourages players to make healthy habits while enjoying engaging and satisfying gameplay.

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