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Game of Silks

Game of Silks is a dynasty fantasy sport set in the high-stakes real world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Game of Silks NFT Game

Game of Silks is a dynasty fantasy sport set in the high-stakes real world of thoroughbred horse racing, offering players a unique opportunity to own digital versions of real-life racehorses and earn rewards and prizes based on actual results on and off the track. This innovative new game has taken the world of horseracing by storm, creating a seamless integration of digital and real-world experiences.

The Silks avatar, an NFT representing each player’s unique identity, is required to earn racing rewards. A Silks Genesis avatar is a special avatar that also serves as a lifetime pass to mint a horse annually in the Silks Series 1 Sale and may provide additional value through airdrops and IRL experiences. The Silks racehorse is a digital clone of a real-world thoroughbred racehorse, with each Silks horse mirroring the bloodlines, training progress, and racing results of its real-world counterpart. As real-world race horses win races and breed offspring, the owner of the same horse in Game of Silks will earn rewards for those same events. The game also features farms within the Silks metaverse, which serve as gamified businesses and personal storefronts. Players can operate their farms as general-purpose racing or breeding farms, or focus on offering specific thoroughbred bloodlines or narrowly defined risk profiles. Each farm has its own marketplace featuring the owner’s horses, with visitors able to bid on and buy racehorses or shares in syndicated racehorses directly from the owner through their marketplace. As the game progresses, successful farms will gain credibility that will attract potential buyers and sellers to them. To develop a farm, a stable is required in addition to land. Stables have distinct aesthetic and gameplay attributes that reflect newly created private and public farms. With the ability to operate their farms as a business, players have the opportunity to develop and enhance their strategies to maximize their earnings potential.

Game of Silks represents a new era in thoroughbred horse racing, offering players the opportunity to own and race digital versions of real-world racehorses while earning rewards based on actual results.

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