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G-BOTs by GAMEE is an NFT (non-fungible token) design by GAMEE built on the Polygon blockchain.

  • Polygon


G-BOTs by GAMEE is an NFT (non-fungible token) design by GAMEE built on the Polygon blockchain. These digitable collectibles are unique and aim to be used across various games. Each of the G-bots’s stats can be upgraded, and bred to produce offspring of Baby Bots (that later on grow as adult G-bots), or use in staking as a digital asset. Through the acquisition of G-bots, players can enter the metaverse where they can earn rewards, participate in new games, and gain access to in-game features such as upgrading, evolving, and breeding. These digital assets will apply the concept of interoperability that will start within the GAMEE platform and later on provide access to other open worlds in the metaverse that will make use of them as a part of the game.

Players will be able to earn through collecting Omega Particles (OMP) by entering tournaments like G-bots Starter. These tokens are also utilised to enhance and evolve the existing G-bots of its users. OMP will also allow the players to mint new ones by breeding. Aside from the earned token, other items that can be obtained from the participation in tournaments can be sold or traded.

Once a player possesses a G-Bots, it will serve as an entry ticket for them to play games available on Arc8 which are Dark Lords and Energy Wars. These games grant participants a large prize pool of OMP and GMEE tokens. The GAMEE is currently working on developments regarding the usage of G-Bots NFT on more of its games.

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