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Formacar Action

Formacar is a play-to-earn and drive-to-earn mobile racing game.

Formacar Action NFT Game

Formacar is a play-to-earn and drive-to-earn mobile racing game. This GameFi project lets you interact with the real world of luxury cars. The game enables both players and car owners to move in an artificial automotive universe created for users to accomplish missions and complete events. Players can participate in races and other competitions and collect and upgrade NFTs (non fungible tokens) to gain prizes and tokens.

There are available gameplay options provided for gamers of all types to enjoy the game (beginners or experienced) such as Circuit, Sprint, Drift, and Free Mode (Freeride). Both Circuit and Sprint gameplay options involve 6 cars starting at the same time with estimated race time of 3-4 minutes. Circuit gameplay options are set in looped tracks with a specific number of laps and a time limit while Sprint is a race from one point to another. In the gameplay option Drift, the players need to slide their cars to receive game currency and experience. The longer the drift is, the better. Another gameplay is the Free Mode where players are allowed to play for fun and purely enjoy the game by trying out vehicles, improving driving skills, and joining freeride racing activities. Furthermore, drive-to-earn game modes consist of freeride and race mode.

Every car has different attributes that affect its performance during the game – Speed, Acceleration, Handling. Engine parts such as filters, pistons, exhaust system affects the speed attribute. Transmission parts such as flywheel, gearbox, and clutch makes an impact on the acceleration attribute of the cars while brake system parts such as wheels, brakes, and shock absorbers influences the handling attribute.

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