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Forgotten Runes

Forgotten Runes is an NFT game that offers a revolutionary approach to building an IP franchise.

  • ETH
Price $1,875.13
Market Cap $225,454,510,725
Fully Diluted Market Cap $225,454,510,725
Volume(24h) 8,010,014,897
24h % Change 3.82
Circulating Supply 120,233,888.89 ETH
Total Supply 120,233,889

Forgotten Runes NFT Game

Forgotten Runes is an NFT game that offers a revolutionary approach to building an IP franchise. The entire community of Cult members participates in decentralized world-building, which allows players to create unique Wizards with different species, races, and genders. This community-driven world-building approach has limitless potential and is at the core of the Forgotten Runiverse, a massively multiplayer, free-to-play, pixel art MMORPG. They can also claim true ownership of their resources, items, and even areas of the world by minting them into the Ethereum blockchain. The Forgotten Runiverse is an exciting and immersive world waiting to be explored by gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike.

Owning a Wizard NFT provides access to exclusive visual effects, cosmetics, surprises, and airdrops. Players can craft every item their characters use, including houses, art, weapons, and armor, and build homes and cities with materials they harvest, win, or buy. The game’s economy is controlled by players, who determine the metagame in PvP and PvE. The developers provide the set of tools, materials, and land, and players use them creatively. With exciting upcoming plans, including a fully animated piece by Titmouse Studios, a create-to-earn game, a comic book series, 3D versions of all Wizards, and the highly anticipated Warriors drop, the game’s Early Access version will be available in 2022, and the V1.0 release is scheduled for early 2023. The game encourages exploration and community interaction, with players able to discover ancient ruins, undertake whimsical quests, and engage in mini-games like pixel-art painting, fishing, and trivia. The Runiverse is a vast, ever-expanding world that offers endless opportunities for gamers and NFT enthusiasts to explore and connect with each other.

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