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Forgotten Chain

ForgottenChain, created by Forgotten Studio Ltd., is a AAA blockchain MMORPG.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $899,686
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,277,659
Volume(24h) 169
24h % Change -5.14
Circulating Supply 236,600,238.00 FTC
Max Supply 336,000,000
Total Supply 336,000,000

Forgotten Chain NFT Game

ForgottenChain, created by Forgotten Studio Ltd., is a AAA blockchain MMORPG. With this plan to expand in this young industry of software and commercial, Forgotten Studio intends to focus on the GameFi market and fill the gap in the AAA segment by providing and integrating AAA titles with emerging web-3 technologies. Furthermore, they intend to involve players and community members in transforming their eagerness into digital identities and earning passive revenues by playing and enjoying the game. The game’s native $FTC token is in Binance Smart Chain, enabling quick, easy, and low-cost network transmission. $FTC can be obtained through a variety of activities and used to purchase items, repair damaged ones, and purchase mounts, pets, and other items. The economy of the game is based on land ownership, with tokens earned through transaction fees, mining, marketplaces, and token drops. Landowners can also earn tokens by allowing players to kill monsters on their land, and each piece of land they own receives a portion of the landowner pool.

Exciting updates are coming to ForgottenChain that will enhance the players’ experiences with new features. These updates will include the option to rent out parts of their village or city, along with new businesses like pet shops and mount shops. Players will also have more control over their gameplay by activating vacation mode for their pets and mounts. In addition, ForgottenChain offers a scholarship program where NFT managers can lend their NFTs to scholars, who can earn $FTC by playing the game. The program provides opportunities for players to earn $FTC and participate in the game’s economy. These updates show that ForgottenChain is committed to improving the player experience and expanding opportunities for its users.

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