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Footbattle NFT simulation game allows users to join leagues and compete for championships.

  • Solana
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Total Supply 10,000,000

Footbattle NFT Game

Footbattle NFT simulation game allows users to join leagues and compete for championships. The winning play-to-earn strategy of Axie Infinity served as inspiration for the game’s creator, who now works on creating better, more enjoyable fight gameplay with comparable play-to-earn economics. As soon as the game is finished and prepared to launch, it will do so first on the BNB Chain and then on Solana to establish a multi-chain gaming environment.

In this game, players may form their own teams, recruit players, and compete in either the saga mode or online. Each participant will have their own NFT asset, which you may develop by training. Also, you can add fresh players to your team by breeding them as Young Players. You may quickly swap your players with other people via the FBL marketplace. The mission is to score while eliminating your opponent’s goalkeeper and defender. Every game has a different scoring system, therefore a player who can adjust quickly and think on their feet will win every time. Users create their own teams out of numerous players, such as a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward, then line them up however they see fit and compete. Young Players can be created by combining existing Legendary Players. Also, each player will have a distinct tradable NFT and varied stats.

FBL is the governance token of the game. In addition to “staking to play,” other utilities are taking part in unique play-to-earn activities. The users can transfer the players as ERC-721 NFT and own them on the Polygon blockchain. This is only a forecast of the game’s net revenue; rewards and liquidity pool contracts will only be unlocked based on the project’s actual NET revenue.

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