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Football Club

The Football Club (TFC) is an NFT game that simulates real-world football challenges using blockchain technology.

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The Football Club NFT Game

The Football Club (TFC) is an NFT game that simulates real-world football challenges using blockchain technology. Earning coins, collecting, and trading legally licensed football and lifestyle products for your 3D Avatar are all enjoyable activities for players. The developers’ aim is to honor football’s history and tradition while employing cutting-edge technology to produce the most realistic and detailed virtual game experience available.

The Football Club is open to everyone, especially to football fans. The avatar that each user creates represents them in the football metaverse. This also stands for the club’s identity, way of life, and growth. Every week of the football season, members of The Football Club Metaverse oversee their teams. They can participate in a variety of challenges to win coins, get XP, and advance to higher levels. On the upcoming matchday, choose your side from over 1000 originally licensed players and battle against other fans across the world. Every user will be limited to a certain quantity of TFC Duffle Bags every drop during the whole seasonThere will be many jerseys of varying rarity types: Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Unique within each bag. Every buyer will have an equal opportunity to get the rarest things, and chances are disclosed, since the overall number of jerseys and its rarities are determined beforehand.

Real-time matches are played in The TFC, and viewers from outside the competition are welcome. The initiative is a partnership between Unagi’s fantasy football match and the Arsenal Football Club, with support and funding from DreamCraft Co. The MGC token serves as the primary incentive for managers in the form of manager contracts, while CHAMP serves as the in-game currency. A representative for Arsenal stated that player performance in the real world will have an impact on their in-game statistics.

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