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Third-level market mechanism

The third-level market mechanism ensures tax collection and encourages players to interact with both upper and lower chains without affecting player’s transactions in the lower chain, through gamefication smart contracts and adding on-chain processes.

Design Concept:

  • Any resource or item in the game can be traded in three different markets: Planet Market / Space Market / Deep Space Market, corresponding to off-chain official / on-chain official / off-chain unofficial exchanges. The interface can be directly accessed in the game, but listing and receiving goods will be played as an animation of rockets launching or airdropping of goods in the open world.
    • Planet Market (Off-chain official exchange): Based on game coins, no different from traditional game markets. A 2-5% handling fee will be charged.
    • Space Market (On-chain official exchange): Based on game coins and USDC. A 1-4% handling fee will be charged. Integrated with futures and financial product markets.
    • Deep Space Market (Off-chain unofficial exchange outside the game, such as Opensea): Based on the exchange and royalties depending on the exchange.
  • Any on-chain operation requires the use of the Express Box item to be packaged and payment of space express shipping costs to complete the listing. KYC/AML needs to be considered.
  • The Space and Deep Space markets are affected by radiation, and the listed goods will mutate to varying degrees when they return to the game. The shorter the listing time and the older the age of the item, the higher the chance of obtaining positive and rare mutations. The negative mutation probability in the Deep Space Market is higher than in the Space Market.
  • In addition, Space Market exclusive products such as Wish Stones/Projectors (OTC prohibited by smart contracts) can increase the chance of high-quality mutations/advance knowledge of mutation types, etc. The in-game cleaning service can also eliminate the mutation characteristics of a resource item. The raw materials of a mutated item will have an uncontrollable influence on secondary casting.

Design Purpose:

  • The low handling fees and speculative characteristics of off-chain unofficial exchanges may attract many speculators. Although active trading is one of the success factors of the game, we also need to capture value from off-exchange trading – adding mutation properties and their cleaning fees is a good alternative to royalties.
  • At the same time, the potential positive mutation effects and the possibility of future custom on-chain contracts will prompt some players to frequently interact with on-chain and off-chain exchanges. The on-chain transaction process has game significance, and on-chain behavior is no longer optional.
  • The consumables and services related to on-chain and off-chain transactions can be produced and provided by players, further enriching the economic ecosystem.
  • The Planet Market considers adding regional restrictions – that is, the markets in different areas of the map are not interconnected, and players need to move goods between them, while the on-chain Space and Deep Space markets have no such restrictions.