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1. Character Design

Players will drive vehicles or exoskeletons, avoiding dangerous environmental factors such as acid rain/monster crowds/falling/drowning, and adapting to changing natural environments, with a focus on preventing falls/explosions/cold/and poisoning. Due to the occupation of storage space by weight and volume of items and the variety of production types, materials must be selectively used while improving vehicle balance and loading capacity.

During exploration, it is important to avoid killing monster crowds, because wild monsters do not drop rewards, and alien wild monsters are a major source of natural materials. Monster corpses will pollute the soil and water sources for a long time, negatively affecting the type and quality of resources available to players. During exploration, players can choose to carry mining licenses to prevent bounty hunters from invading. However, regardless of whether they hold a license or not, bounty hunters will invade when mining extremely rare resources in unclaimed territory.

Example Construction:

2. PVE Roguelike

Players need to search for the entrance to the alien space in the open world. The open alien spaces will have teleportation points on the map for easy teleportation.

PvE gameplay is a roguelike shooter that focuses on in-game operations. Players need to leave enough slots to pick up components and disposable items during the game, and also carry mining licenses to avoid being hunted by bounty hunters. Out-of-game construction can be done according to team responsibilities, but plugins brought from outside will be more easily destroyed or automatically dropped by space radiation.

Mobile slots can be used as scouts/transporters; warriors/assassins with more attack slots; healers/accountants with more auxiliary slots. Special items such as “money bags” and “lucky stones” need to be equipped to trade with alien merchants, purchase food to supplement life, and increase the chance of high-quality items in treasure chests.

1. Vehicle

3. PVP Championship and Bounty Hunter Tournament

PvP gameplay is the most competitive, and players have the highest demands for the functionality, attributes, and feel of the parts. Usually, all players will hone their skills in the bidding competition to improve their vehicle intimacy. The ultimate goal is to become a bounty hunter and patrol the open world and alien space, receiving rewards from the prosecution office.

In the bidding competition, because it is impossible to know the map and enemy team configuration in advance, roles and responsibilities need to be arranged in the early stage. Usually, each player has 1-2 proficient roles, and there are many vehicle constructions for each type of role. Components and vehicles can be swapped during mid-game revival, but multiple plug-ins and plug-outs of components may cause aging, so some players choose to equip at least one complete vehicle for each type of role.

Medics may need more auxiliary slot space to place food and equip mobile components to assist teammates in time; tactical soldiers may need jumping or flying components to gain a broader perspective and global information.

Example Construction:

  • 3 auxiliary accessories equipped with armor and deployable mines/tactical reconnaissance points, without a license.
  1. Clothing